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Safety Protocol- Part I

The present condition of Bangladesh due to COVID-19 is very crucial. We do not know when the condition will improve to a COVID free Bangladesh. Finally, after months of lockdown and quarantine lives are getting back to normal but this does not change the scenario for the COVID cases.  We have to move forward accepting it as a part of life. COVID-19 is the new normal throughout the world. To be safe we have to follow the safety measures shown by WHO (World Health Organization). Keeping WHO’s safety intact, Hotel Grand Park Barishal have created their personalized safety protocols.  

When guests take their own vehicle to the hotel, the driver must wear protective gear such as a mask and gloves. We are going to disinfect every transport just after the arrival with disinfecting spray. Also, the car must have atomization disinfection machine for its own precaution. The driver should have limited conversation with others. The guest must know the hotel safety protocol beforehand and the instruction list must be placed at the back seat of the car. When the hotel car is picking up a guest, the driver will provide hand sanitizers to them for sanitization. 

We have provided footstep sticker at the entrance stairs and a walkway direction to maintain social distance, the guests must follow it. Before entrance, we will check the current temperature of the guest; they must also walk through the disinfection tray for the shoes at the entrance and they also should use hand sanitizer. We will provide all the guests a safety hamper consisting mask, gloves and hand sanitizers. The guest’s luggage will also be sanitized before taking them in. We have also provided footstep mark or stickers from archway to reception desk and lift to maintain social distance

The guest coming from restricted countries or regions must give their detailed information to the hotel before arriving or while making the reservation. Our staff will give safety, hygiene and other instruction to the guests at the reception as per the protocol. All the guest key cards are thoroughly disinfected before using and issuing to guest. 

While using elevators, limited number of guests will be allowed to use the elevator. Elevators have standing marks with directions so that the guests do not face each other. The buttons of the lift are regularly sanitized to keep them virus free. 

We have reduced the number of tables to half in our restaurants to maintain social distance and your safety. The guests should make a reservation before coming to the restaurant for a table’s availability and to avoid crowd. Before coming to the restaurant the guest should always sanitize their hands. Social distancing footstep mark or stickers are attached in the Buffet area to avoid unnecessary crowd. Also, if you do not want to have our buffet food, the guests can always order from a la carte menu. All the cutlery and crockery items are sanitized with approved alcohol-based cleanser before presenting to guests or table usage.