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Safety Protocol Part II

We are using fogger machine in the public areas such as Lobby and reception to disinfect. The number of setting arrangements in Lobby is minimized, to maintain gap between the sofas. 

In case if a guest wants to have a meeting, the meeting room has a setup as per social distancing guideline. Meeting rooms have a dedicated disinfection station for used items for guests to discard. The seats have 1.5 meters distance between them to maintain a healthy distance from each seat. The event venue “Southgate Banquet” hall has limited capacity and the guests must go through temperature check upon entry. Packaged food with disposable cutlery and plates will be provided. All the meeting rooms and venues have proper ventilation

Gym is frequently cleaned using diversely approved products. Apart from regular cleaning, a sanitization station is also available for the members and guests who are active in gym. Social distancing protocols are also ensured inside the gym to avoid crowd

We have alternate rooms or two rooms vacant in between as per social distancing norms (based on occupancy levels). We have hanged disinfection procedures in the door hanger of all the rooms. Room amenities include pocket sized sanitizer for guests use. The rooms will be frequently cleaned and logs are kept to ensure the duties are carried out by the staff members.  Housekeeping Associates on the floor are wearing safety gear all the time to ensure guests safety. All linen used in rooms would be handled separately and kept in sealed bags to be sent to laundry service. Guest laundry services also would be handled separately and stored in plastic individual bags. Tables, chairs and other contact points like door knobs, telephone receivers, and faucets will be cleaned following a routine. TV remote control is covered with polythene so that they can be easily disinfected.

Room keys will be carefully separated and disinfected. Guests are requested to drop off their used key cards inside the box to ensure cleanliness. We have arranged mandatory trainings for all team members on safety and hygiene to ensure adherence to the Hotel Grand Park Barishal Safety Protocols. Diversely SOP has also been implemented for cleaning clothes and linen for guest safety.

Operational kitchen is sanitized at regularly. Limited number of staffs and they are organized into teams to reduce interactions between the teams. All staff member wears disposable masks, gloves, hair nets and all other safety gear while working in the kitchen. Workstations are placed in such a way that the staff is not facing each other. Run limited menus and ramp-up in a phased manner. Vegetables, meats and all other materials that are required in kitchens’ use are sanitized using approved sanitizing medicine. All tools are sanitized after each use.