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Kuakata – Daughter of the Sea

Article by: ATM Tahsin – Astute Horse

Kuakata got its name from the early Rakhine Buddhist settlers. Kua means “well” and kata means “dug”. This is due to the wells that were dug to get freshwater for harvesting and drinking. Kuakata with its splendid sandy beach of about 18 kilometers offers a full view of both sunrise and sunset. It is the second largest unbroken stretch of beach in Bangladesh after Cox’s Bazar. Kuakata is also known as Sagar Kannya (Daughter of the Sea).

The best time to visit Kuakata is between January and April during the dry months with the least amount of rainfall, although there is also likely to be some rain during this time which helps keep the temperature pleasant for visiting tourists.

Kuakata is known for its beautiful scenery and its panoramic view of the sea. It is located in the southeast region of Bangladesh and is approximately 110 Kilometers away from Hotel Grand Park, Barisal.

The long stretch of sandy beach means you can walk and relax with your loved ones in the perfect pristine isolation of nature.

Kuakata is also known for its festivals such as Rush Purnima and Maghi Purnima when many Hindu devotees come towards the sea in Kuakata to take a holy bath. During such occasion there is an atmosphere of festival in Kuakata with local fairs and other events.

The best way to reach Kuakata is in two steps. Firstly to travel from Dhaka the capital city of Bangladesh to Barishal a major city in the south central region of Bangladesh and then secondly from Barishal to Kuakata.

It usually takes around 4hrs to 5hrs by river ways to reach Barishal from Dhaka and again from Barishal to Kuakata another 2hrs by bus or car.

When you arrive at Barishal city you can come and stay at Hotel Grand Park, Barishal. We have all the facilities and arrangements to meet the needs of all types of guests. During your stay in Hotel Grand Park Barishal you can avail our sightseeing packages which are custom tailored for you. We will arrange travel facilities for you to go to Kuakata from Barishal. Whether you plan a day trip or extended visit to Kuakata, the hotel will be happy to arrange the trip for you.

Kuakata has many attractions including the Gongamoti Reserve Forest and Buddhist temples. Kuakata offers a beautiful atmosphere with evergreen coconut trees, sandy beach and bright blue sky, and the huge expanse of water from the Bay of Bengal.

It is a delightful experience for all travelers who visit Kuakata and Hotel Grand Park Barishal is here to make your visit to this beautiful place a memorable experience.

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