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The water lilies of Barishal

Article by: ATM Tahsin – Astute Horse

Give your eyes the unbound pleasure of seeing thousands acres of pink water lilies! The Water Lilies or shapla grows abundantly in a village named Satla 60 km from Barishal city in Bangladesh. It is known as the capital of Shapla or water lilies. The whole village is engaged in the cultivation of the flower. The water lilies grow for nine months, starting from March till November.

Water Lilies grow in wetlands known as beel (Canal), the Lal Shapla Beel becomes pink. During this season you can see this wonderful sight if you visit Barishal. The whole landscape changes in Satla village when the water lilies are in full bloom.

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Once in Satla village you can enjoy this breathtaking view of this stunning natural phenomenon of Satla village.

It is a great tourist attraction and the best time to see the flower is in morning before the heat of the sun rises and the flower shrink in height.

The best way to reach Satla village is by bus or car from Barishal city.

The national flower of Bangladesh also has many medicinal properties. It is eaten as vegetable in curries. It helps treating diseases such as skin conditions, liver infections, calcium deficiency and diabetes.

The beauty of Bangladesh will remain unseen if you do not visit this paradise village of Satla. The thousands of blooming water lilies in the Lal Shapla Beel is a magnificent sight, which you will not get to see anywhere else in Bangladesh.

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